1. Prepare Your Site

Preparing the site where you will be laying your turf is an essential step in ensuring a beautiful final result. Site preparation should be done before ordering your turf. Visit our Site Preparation page for more information on preparing your site and how to measure and calculate your turf needs for odd-shaped properties.

2. Lay Your Turf

Are you planning to lay down your own turf? Check out our Turf Installation page for handy hints and tips before you get started. Did you know that turf needs to be installed and watered immediately after delivery?

Laying turf not your thing? Let J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies take care of all your installation needs. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.

3. Water Your Lawn

Your lawn, like garden plants, needs watering and the amount of water will depend on weather conditions. Always water your lawn immediately after fertilising to reduce the chance of burning the grass. Need to know more about watering your lawn? Visit our Lawn Watering page for handy tips and hints that will have your lawn looking great all year round.

4. Fertilise your Turf

For healthy, vigorous good-looking lawn, Fertilising Your Turf every 6 – 8 weeks is crucial. A healthy fertilised lawn remains uniform and maintains its original grass species and is weed-free. The regular growth of a well-fertilised lawn helps decrease the amount of mowing and is less susceptible to diseases, stress and damage.

5. Turf Maintenance

A ongoing maintenance program will help protect your investment and save you time and money in the long term. Visit our Lawn and Turf Maintenance page for valuable lawn maintenance information.

6. Insects and Weeds

Be informed about some of the most common turf weeds and insects that could affect. Our Turf Weeds and Insects page will provide you up-to-date information on how to prevent against such diseases.

7. Turf Diseases

There are many turf diseases that affect Australia if a proper maintenance program is not in place. Our Turf Diseases page will inform you of some of the most common turf diseases in Australia.