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Caring for your Sir Walter lawn in summer

The Australian summer is known for being extremely harsh and unforgiving so it’s always best that you give your turf a bit of extra care during this time. A Sir Walter buffalo lawn is the quintessential Australian turf, with an incredible resilience towards heat and drought. Despite the hardiness of this brilliant breed, it is […]

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The importance of being a Lawn Solutions Australia member

So you’re shopping for turf, be it for your home, your business or your sports club, and you’re unsure which turf, or indeed turf supplier, is best for you. For most people grass is just green and leafy after all. It’s likely that you’ll have seen a name pop up again and again during your […]

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The importance of DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo turf

If you are on the lookout for some new turf, it’s very likely you keep seeing ‘Sir Walter’ pop up. Sir Walter Buffalo turf is perfect for all types of lawns. This turf has stood the test of time to become one of Australia’s most popular turf varieties. Boasting incredible year-round qualities like shade and […]

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How to make your Sir walter look its best over summer

While Sir Walter Buffalo is known as one of the hardiest grasses on the Australian market, and indeed has become the country’s most popular turf on the back of this durability, our climate is still enough to seriously test such a strong plant. With Sir Walter up against extended droughts, extreme heat, and a level […]

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How does the standard Buffalo turf variety differ from Sir Walter?

The Buffalo turf variety is Australia’s favourite grass, and for good reason. It’s a variety that has been bred for Australian conditions, and as such, it is one of the few types of grass able to handle the extremes that this country’s climate can serve up. But how exactly does it differ from the grass […]

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