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Why Aussies Choose Sir Walter Turf for Their Lawns

Sir Walter
Turf is a very important aspect of every Australian lawn. Nothing can compare to the look and feel of a lusciously soft, rich green freshly cut lawn. For this reason, finding the right turf for your home is essential for any homeowner. The characteristics of each turf variety are distinct from the other. For instance, there are turf types that do well in the heat but would wear out in the winter. Some varieties require high maintenance while others require less, and the list goes on.

Most turf buyers prefer grass with high tolerance to all kinds of weather conditions, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf tops the list almost every time here at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies. Sir Walter is known as “one of Australia’s favourite buffalo turf”. It is one of the best sellers in the turf industry with over 50 million metres provided in Australia alone since 1997.

Origins and physical character of Sir Walter

Sir Walter was bred from Shademaster, an older soft-leaf buffalo turf. Traditionally, buffalo varieties were rough and itchy on the skin, however, breeders were able to manufacture soft and smooth buffalo grasses including what we now know as Sir Walter Buffalo Turf.

Here are four characteristics that make this variety a best seller:

 Sir Walter is lush and green in colour

✓ It is kid and pet safe

✓ It has a tight growth habit, which means there is less chance that weeds will grow.

✓ It thrives all year round

Why Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is so popular

As an all-around turf, Sir Walter Turf adapts to almost any environmental condition – which is why most Australians choose it for their lawns. It requires less mowing & fertilising allowing more time to do the things you love.

Sir Walter is a Buffalo turf that can grow anywhere and everywhere. It is healthy in direct sunlight, and if placed under shade, it still performs well.

It has good repair qualities. If the turf is damaged, it can quickly repair itself thus making it ideal for areas where young children and pets play.

Beautiful and healthy lawns are free from organisms or pathogens that bring turf diseases. These diseases cause bare patches, dead grass and leaf spots that are unpleasant to look at. Sir Walter is a healthy turf that does not get easily affected by these disease-causing organisms.

Sir Walter is a turf variety recommended for Australian families. Its anti-fungus and soft features make it a safe lawn cover for kids and pets to play on.

If you are looking for a sturdy and safe turf variety for your front or back yard, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is the best choice for you. For advice or enquiries, give us a call on 1800 668 786 or email [email protected].

J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies provide premium turf supplies to tradespeople and homeowners around Australia. Our turf is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia which comes with 10 years warranty. Get your Buffalo Turf today at

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