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5 reasons to buy Sir Walter DNA certified

In the hot Australian climate, maintaining a lush, green lawn year round is a challenge. Dry, hot summers require a lot of water or letting your grass grow yellow and die. Warm season grasses are a good solution to this problem, as they flourish in temperatures of 25 to 35 degrees. Sir Walter DNA certified grass is one of the best warm season grasses you can buy, for a number of reasons.

Here are the five top ones:reasons to buy sir walter dna certified

  1. Sir Walter is soft to the touch. Most buffalo grasses, of which Sir Walter is one variety, are rough and scratchy. This was traditionally a requirement of warm season grasses, as it was a result of the toughness that allowed them to flourish in hotter temperatures. However, when Brent Redman developed Sir Water, he created a softer breed, making it nicer to look at and touch.
  2. Sir Walter is resilient and durable in both hot and cold seasons. It can tolerate droughts and intense sun. It is disease, weed and pest resistant, as well as self-repairing.
  3. Sir Walter has good colour retention. Many types of grass turn a brown-yellow or a faded green, but Sir Walter maintains a lush, dark green colour in both summer and winter.
  4. Sir Walter is environmentally responsible. Despite being resilient and maintaining a strong colour, Sir Walter does not require as much water as many other types of grass.
  5. Sir Walter DNA Certified guarantees a quality breed. While the licensing requirement to grow Sir Walter has been recently removed, Lawn Solutions Australia have established a standard of genetic purity for all its’ members’ grasses. This ensures that if you buy Sir Walter DNA certified you are guaranteed a high quality turf, one that even includes a 10-year warranty.

These reasons and more are why Sir Walter Buffalo turf is one of the best options for a beautiful, environmentally responsible lawn. With Sir Walter DNA Certified you can be guaranteed a quality turf for at least 10 years. If you’d like to have Sir Walter installed in your yard or property, then give J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies a call on 1800 668 786.

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